Careers at Rodman Publishing

Seeking: Developer/Programmer -Ramsey, NJ
Dvlp system specs & program technical solutions. Work on projects such as website enhancements, web-based applications, desktop apps, database-backed websites & automation of web procedures. Code web pages utilizing XHTML & CSS. Create modules for Open Source & proprietary software packages. Troubleshoot, review, analyze & modify systems; write new program code & test & monitor systems. Analyze performance of programs and work to correct deficiencies. Work in several programming languages including XML, SQL, PHP, VB, Perl, ASP, Python, Java, JavaScript & C++. Well versed in AJAX based systems. Work in several dvlpmnt frameworks including .NET, Ruby on Rails, Smarty & PEAR. Work w/ variety of database systems & frameworks including MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLserver, MS Access, ODBC & ADO. Work w/ Apache & MS IIS web servers. Expert w/ FTP, Telnet, SSH protocols & command line dvlpmnt. Master’s degree in Computer Science req’d. Proficiency w/ the following req’d: XHTML, CSS, XML, SQL, PHP, VB, Perl, ASP, Python, Java, JavaScript, C++, AJAX, .NET, Ruby on Rails, Smarty, PEAR, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLserver, Microsoft Access, ODBC, ADO, Apache & MS IIS web servers, FTP, Telnet, SSH protocols.

Fax resume to Paul T. Simansky, Online Director, Rodman Publishing, 201 825-6582.